Bandung Backpackers

Backpacking is an exciting and interesting way to travel! Bandung is certainly a destination that suits backpackers. A budget of US $ 30 is sufficient for a night in Bandung. If you are from Jakarta, the best way is to find the cheapest train ticket. You can choose the executive class US $ 6-9 or economy class US $ 2.5, if you opt for the cheapest class i.e. economy; the return trip will only cost you US $ 5.

There are a lot of budget hotels in Bandung to choose from. The cheapest is Dago Inn, located near the factory outlets in Dago charging only US $ 5/night. Unfortunately, this low budget hotel only accepts female guests. The second option is Hostel by Moritz with a rate of US $ 9-12 per person, or US $ 11-13 for two persons located in Jalan Kebon Jati. Another option is Bukit Dago Hotel in Jalan Ir. H Juanda with a rate of US $ 16 for two persons. Last but not least, Wisma Nusa charges US $ 8. So which one should you choose? Adjust it to your budget and travelling arrangements, reviews of hotels can be searched in the internet as well nowadays.

What about food? When you are in Bandung, you will never have to worry about your stomach, Bandung food is a heaven for culinary travelers offering various food less than US $ 1. As a rule of thumb, backpackers should avoid restaurants and luxurious eateries. If you choose modest canteens, and budget US $ 1 per meal, for three days you will spend no more than US $ 8 for food (8 meals, don’t forget to have your breakfast before departing to Bandung).

Don’t forget to budget for water as it is very important for your health, a 1.5 litre bottle of water costs approximately US $ 0.40. Health practitioners advice humans to drink 2 L of water each day, hence you will need 6-8 L of water during your 3 day stay in Bandung, equaling to US $ 2. Now that we have discussed the return ticket, accommodation, food and beverages,  we will now talk about the travelling itinerary for low budget backpackers in Bandung. What places should you visit?

1. Bandung Zoo, this is an eco-green tourist option, the ticket price is US $ 1.

2. Located near the Bandung Zoo is the Tamansari art market and Cihampelas shopping area.

3. Gedung SATE, this is the most famous building and also becomes the icon for Bandung. This building was built during the Dutch colonization i.e. 1920. The main characteristic of this building is the skewers on the top of the building.

4. Near Gedung SATE, travelers can visit the Geology Museum and Postal Museum located in the same area. The entrance to the Geology Museum is only  US $ 0.50, whereas the Postal Museum is free.

5. GASIBU Field, located across of Gedung SATE, on Sundays this field is full of food vendors, similar to a Sunday market.

6. Watch free musical and art performances in Jalan Dago. In the former Dago Tea House area, various art performances such as the Merak dance, Jaipong dance, Sundanese music (gamelan), thereat, vocal group, martial arts and traditional puppet show (wayang golek) are performed outdoors every Saturday evening for free.

7. In addition to art performances, Jalan Dago consists of numerous factory outlets and hang out places. You can walk along this road while enjoying Bandung. Window shopping can be a fun activity too!

Therefore, as mentioned previously with a budget of  US $ 3, travelers can go around and enjoy Bandung.  So, what else are you waiting for? Just make sure not to forget your camera so you can always look back to your experience in Bandung.

Note: Currency exchange rate used ->1 USD = IDR 10,000

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