Seet Lik Tak‎

Thank you so much Bandung Tour Expert for making our trip to Bandung so thoroughly enjoyable! Service was great from the start, with swift replies to our incessant queries before we confirmed our booking.

The driver, Mr Bowo (seen here on the left of the picture) was really really nice and understanding! We went to Bandung without much plans (with only a few key attractions we really wanted to see), and for the rest of the time, we purely relied on Mr Bowo’s recommendations, all of which were fantastic. He was very helpful, assisting us with photo-taking as well!

Knowing our financial condition (we didn’t have much left on our second last day after spending too much), Mr Bowo brought us to restaurants which were value-for-money with really fantastic food. The highlight of which was the Bakso restaurant with really nice food at under 2SGD as well as a sate (satay in sg) restaurant which has the best satay ever!

Really glad we booked our trip with Bandung Tour Expert for we got to meet Mr Bowo!


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